Uptick in fatal crashes, young J’can male drivers more dangerous to other road users

The latest data shows that there have been 318 fatal collisions on the nation’s road in relation to 201 last year, an increase of 36 percent.

According to data from the National Road Safety Council (NRC), a significant number of young men have died in road collisions this year.

Vice chairman of the NCR, Lucien Jones said the numbers are in line with the figures from the World Health Organization (WHO).

“The data from WHO is showing in one study, young male drivers are more likely to crash and cause serious injuries and deaths more than three times young female drivers,” Jones said.

“So we have to look at the possible causes of this. Young men are more likely to speed they are more likely to be driving under the influence of alcohol. They’re more likely to drive at nights and they are more likely to be driving while using a cell phone, and many of them don’t wear seatbelts,” added Jones.