US COVID-19 cases top 3 million

As global cases of the coronavirus continue to climb towards 12 million, the United States hit an unenviable distinction today.

Workers wearing protective face masks and face shields wait for customers at a restaurant in Mexico City. (Photographer: Alejandro Cegarra/Bloomberg)

The United States officially crossed the three-million mark for cases of the virus that has claimed more than half a million lives globally.

The US has 3,016,515 COVID-19 cases as at publishing, according to the John Hopkins University virus tracker. Additionally, the nation has recorded 131,666 deaths, by far the most recorded by any nation.

The virus has devastated life in the US, which only recorded its first case on January 21. Just 99 days later, the country recorded its first one million infections. Forty-three days after that, it has another million. And now, just 28 days later, it has confirmed yet another million, reporting 60,021 cases yesterday alone.

Hospitalisations continue to increase in several states, including Texas and California, as growing numbers reverse gains made by widespread stay-at-home orders and shutdowns.

Health officials continue to encourage the wearing of masks to contain the virus spread, even as a new model projects there could be 208,000 COVID-19 deaths by November 1.