US looks forward to working with Haiti’s new PM

The United States says it is looking forward to working with the Haitian government, including the newly appointed Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe and his ministerial cabinet. 

Joseph Jouthe was recently appointed as the new Prime Minister for Haiti.

The US Embassy in Haiti issued a statement shortly after President Jovenel Moïse on Monday named Environment Minister, Joseph Jouthe, as the new prime minister, replacing Jean Michel Lapin.

“We need men and women soldiers who go into battle.”

— Moise

“The United States urges the Haitian government to meet the needs of the Haitian people by urgently addressing public security, restarting economic growth, and organising free, fair, and credible legislative elections as soon as technically feasible,” the embassy said. 

President Moise, in an address on Wednesday during the inauguration ceremony of the new Prime Minister, said appointing Joseph was not coincidental based on his experience in public administration.  

“We need men and women soldiers who go into battle, who will make war for hunger, insecurity and unemployment. Citizens who will fight smuggling, tax evasion and avoidance, extra-billing, corruption and social injustice,” he said.

For his part, the new prime minister promised that he will work towards restoring a security climate in the country, reduce social inequalities and revive the national economy.