US Scientists have created a coronavirus vaccine

As scientists around the world race to create a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) that has spread to 26 countries, and has killed 2,236 people so far, researchers in the US are claiming victory. 

Scientists at Greffex, a Houston, Texas-based genetic engineering company, claim they’ve created a coronavirus vaccine. 

The company told the Houston Business Journal that it has completed development of the vaccine and it is ready for animal testing and review by US regulators. 

But before we get too excited, developing a vaccine is just the first step of many steps before it can be distributed.

And it can take anywhere between 18 months to two years before it’s distributed.  

They’ll have to test it on animals, then begin phase 1 clinical trials in people, followed by another two phases of human trials, and ultimately Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. 

The scientists at the genetic engineering company have built their vaccine on an adenovirus, not on coronavirus.  Most vaccines contain either live attenuated virus or an inactive form of the pathogen. 

But because the coronavirus has not yet been understood, the scientists deemed that as too risky. 

Adenoviruses are among the most common causes of viral respiratory infections, accounting for between two and five percent of colds.