US virus death toll tops 350,000

The United States saw its coronavirus death toll surpass 350,000 early Sunday.

Travellers wait for their luggage in a terminal at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Wednesday, December. 23, 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo: Yffy Yossifor/Star-Telegram via AP)

The news comes as health authorities brace for an increase in cases following gatherings over the festive season.

Cases of the virus have already topped 20 million in the US, which has the most infections and the highest number of deaths globally.

Numerous states, including North Carolina and Arizona, have already reported an increase in cases over the past week.

Many are hoping that the emergency approval granted to two vaccines, from Moderna and Pfizer, will help to curb the country’s figures however, the roll-out of the programme has been criticised for being slower than anticipated.