Usain Bolt wager one of his Olympic medals in 70m race against NFL player, Tyreek Hill

Usain Bolt

Retired Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt on Thursday indicated that he was open to racing NFL player Tyreek Hill over 70 metres, with fairly ‘high’ stakes.

He expressed his willingness to challenge the American football wide receiver during an interview on the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday.

Hill had suggested a 40-yard race in an interview last month, knowing it would be difficult to beat world record holder Bolt over 100 metres.

However, Patrick, on Thursday, proposed the 70m (76.6 yard) race.

“I’m good with 70 metres,” Bolt replied.

Patrick further proposed, if the race should go ahead, that Bolt place one of his eight Olympic gold medals on the line, and Hill wager his Super Bowl ring. The target date for the race would be a week after the Super Bowl, if the Kansas City Chiefs — for which Hill plays — are in the game, or the Super Bowl weekend, if the Chiefs are not in that game.

 “That would be big,” Bolt said, laughing, adding “I don’t think he’s (Hill) gonna go for it.”

“He’s been talking so, we’ll see,” added.

It is not clear if Hill would accept that challenge, but the NFL player did retweet Bolt’s interview on Thursday by saying, “Someone give him some attention.”

Last month, Hill had jokingly called Bolt “washed up” as he declared that he could beat the Jamaican in a 40-yard dash during an interview. This led to the trading of words between the two on Twitter, with Bolt indicating that he could easily beat Hill.

Last year, Hill did beat his teammate Mecole Hardman in a 40-yard competition.