UWI-bound Neikoy Redwood closer to financial consultant dream

Recipient of the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) and Partners Co-operative Credit Union Limited 2019 Albert Morris Scholarship, Neikoy Redwood (right), accepts his school-leaving certificate from Vice Principal, Campion College, Lavare Henry, during the school’s 2019 graduation exercise in June.

Recipient of the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) and Partners Co-operative Credit Union (PCCU) Limited’s 2019 Albert Morris Scholarship, Neikoy Redwood, is a step closer to realising his dream of becoming a financial consultant.

Neikoy started undergraduate studies at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona Campus this Monday and will receive $150,000 annually over three years towards his education.

Star ‘Campionite’

The 19-year-old Campion College graduate earned an impressive eight grade ones in this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations in additional mathematics, economics, biology, chemistry, physics, information technology, Spanish, and English A, and a grade two in English B.

Campion Hall (Photo: Jacqueline Gannie, Campion College)

Additionally, he got four grade ones in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) in pure mathematics, economics, chemistry and communication studies.

In an interview with the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) recently, the young scholar, who describes himself as goal-oriented, attributes his successes to hard work and discipline.

“I would say I am goal-oriented, because I feel it is always better if you set a goal for yourself and you are working towards that… I think that I am quite disciplined as well,” he told the JIS.

Success has been the hallmark of Neikoy’s educational journey starting at Marlie Mount Primary in St. Catherine, where the high achiever was head boy, class monitor, and prefect.

The brilliance continued at Campion where he served as student council representative in both years of sixth form and was appointed to the post of prefect in upper sixth form.

‘My baby sister is watching me, I have to make her proud’

Neikoy explained that his desire for success extends beyond personal ambitions. As the older brother to a doting six-year-old sister, the UWI fresher is striving to be a positive role model for his sibling.

“I want to set a high standard for her. Now she goes to my alma mater, Marlie Mount Primary… and she’s trying to live up to the standard I set, and that is something I am quite proud of,” he noted.

The 19-year-old is looking forward to his academic journey at UWI, in pursuit of actuarial science.

Neikoy Redwood’s newest stomping grounds, the University of the West Indies, Mona (Photo: UWI, Mona)

His affinity for mathematics and economics in high school came naturally, and Neikoy asserted that actuarial science is a good blend of both subjects.

The bigger picture

Ultimately, Redwood aspires to open a financial consultancy where he can hire other professionals.

“I would like to open my own business and I think a lot of Jamaicans should be looking to do that now, because not only should you want to occupy a job, you should seek to create jobs in our economy right now. We need more businesses to develop the country,” he told the JIS.

“It adds a lot more [value] if you can start a business, because you can create 10 or 15 jobs,” he added.

Neikoy’s call to Corporate Jamaica

Neikoy expressed his appreciation to the JPS and PCCU for the scholarship – encouraging more corporate entities to assist deserving young students to access higher education.

“Higher education is the only way that people can truly better themselves and truly move from a life of poverty to a comfortable life for themselves, their children and their

family. I feel that higher education is something that is necessary,” he said.

The Albert Morris Scholarship, named in honour of one of the JPS and PCCU’s founding members, is offered annually to a member of the credit union or their children, and provides for study at any of the country’s recognised tertiary institutions.

The recipient must maintain a ‘B’ average throughout the life of the scholarship.