Vaz jabs Crawford over coronavirus tweet

Popular People’s National Party (PNP) Vice President, Damion Crawford, came under fire on Twitter when he suggested that Jamaican health officials could not be sure that the coronavirus was not present on the island.

“If the test for the virus isn’t available until next month on what authority did, we categorically state it was absent yesterday?” asked Crawford, as he reacted to news that Jamaica would be able to test for the novel coronavirus come February 2020.

Crawford’s, seemingly innocent, tweet got underneath the skin of Member of Parliament for West Portland, Daryl Vaz, who fired back at Crawford defending the government’s position that the virus was not present in the island, despite the lack of testing capabilities.

“The elections were not until April 2019. You did not forsake East Portland until December 2019. How was I able to state categorically that you would run away? Simple. A pattern. The medical professionals aren’t telling you how to sell eggs,” Tweeted Vaz.

Vaz closed his vicious tweet with, “Respect due.”


It appears that there is still lingering tensions between Vaz and Crawford, following the 2019 by-election in East Portland.

Crawford went up against Vaz’s wife, Ann-Marie Vaz, who emerged successful to become the Member of Parliament for East Portland. 

However, during the race towards the polls, some bad blood developed between the two candidates, when Crawford is reported to have said, “If you look at potential, the furthest this lady will go is Mrs Vaz.”

The utterance was described as divisive and sexist.