Vendors warned not to increase prices amidst coronavirus outbreak

President of the Jamaica Vendors, Higglers and Markets Association is appealing to vendors not to increase their prices as the country grapples with the impact of coronavirus.

Whittingham said he understands the temptation that vendors may have to do this, with the now limited opening hours of the market, and the reduction in customers as people are encouraged to stay in.

But he says he hopes that camaraderie will prevail and everyone does what they can to help contain the impact of coronavirus.

“They are providing people with the nourishment that people really need at this time because they haven’t found a cure yet. What we need is their support at this time, not price gouging,” he told BUZZ.

“It can’t be that one pound of tomato was selling for $300 a pound, and now it’s been sold for $400,” he added