Veteran Jamaican actress Lois Kelly Miller is dead

Lois Kelly-Miller and actor Brad Pitt in a scene from Meet Joe Black.

Veteran Jamaican actress, Lois Kelly-Miller best-known for her role in the Hollywood movie Meet Joe Black died on Wednesday at the age of 102.

Lois Kelly Miller, a former piano teacher, was a household name in Jamaica. She appeared in several National Pantomimes and shared a great friendship with cultural icon Louise Bennett Coverley.

“She was exceptionally talented and she was not just an actress but a piano and drama teacher as well. Her timing was exquisite and when you saw her and Miss Lou playing off each other, it was just magnificent,” actress Fae Ellington is quoted by the Jamaica Observer.

Kelly-Miller died on Wednesday (April 8) at her home in Gordon Town, St Andrew.

Lois Kelly-Miller and actor Brad Pitt in a scene from the hit movie Meet Joe Black.

Ellington recalled meeting her for the first time in 1971 while performing in her debut pantomime at the Little Theatre in Kingston.

“We were performing Music Boy and I was very privileged to meet her. Miss Lou was there as well and I can tell you that Lois Kelly was a class act…she was a very classy lady. If she was given five minutes on stage, you would remember it for a lifetime. She was extraordinary,” Ellington said.

She was the daughter of Lewis Kelly, manufacturer of Kelly’s soft drinks and syrups.