VIDEO: French President slapped in the face on official visit

Tuesday (June 8) is shaping up to be a bad day for French President, Emmanuel Macron who was slapped in the face as he went to greet supporters on an official visit to the southeast of France.

A video, which has since gone viral captures the moment when the French PM’s handshake was refused in exchange for a slap on the cheek.

The video begins with the French President walking up to a barrier on a trip to Tain-l’Hermitage which is located outside of the French city, Valence. 

He is suddenly slapped in the face by what was first assumed to be a random spectator.

Officers were quick to move the President to safety. 

As the President was attacked on camera, the words “Down with Macron-ism” are shouted by persons among the crowd.

Following the incident, two men have been arrested according to French media.

According to a report by the BBC the incident has been condemned by politicians.

Prime Minister of France, Jean Castex has recently said “[Democracy] must never, in any case, mean violence, verbal aggression, and even less physical attack,” 

But those among the public have not been as neutral on the matter. 

All across social media, countless users have expressed delight at the incident. 

One user described the incident as “Freedom of expression in his country”. 

Another saw fit to criticise the French president on his response to the assault. 

The lack of support for the French President has not gone without some form of impunity.

One user suggested there is no correct way to be assaulted. 

Macron’s visit to the southeast of France follows the imminent reopening of French bars and restaurants after seven months of closure. France will also see some adjustments to curfew hours from 9 pm to 11 pm starting on Wednesday.