Violating mask rules in Indonesia? Lie in a coffin, and think about your actions!

A face mask violator told to go in a coffin and contemplate his action (Photo: Kalisari Public Vigilance Forum)

Governments all over the world are totally fed up with people who refuse to wear masks to protect themselves and others against the coronavirus. Some have issued fines, or threaten jail time. But Indonesia’s government has introduced a new punishment for mask violators, and it’s well…. different.

So instead of doing community service, or paying a fine, people who violate the country’s mask-wearing policy can choose to lie in a coffin for a minute and contemplate their actions.

“Many people were queueing [for community service], and it so happened that officials in Pasar Rebo brought along an open casket coffin. So we asked the violators if they wanted to go into the coffin or wait for community service,” East Jakarta Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) Head Budhy Novian said.

People Who Violate Mask Wearing Rule In Indonesia Are Asked To Lay In Coffin
(Photo: GH Gossip)

“[In the coffin the violators] count from one to 100, so at least a minute, and they were told to contemplate their actions because with COVID-19 there is a risk of them being laid inside a real coffin.”

According to a Gubernatorial Regulation (Pergub), failure to wear a mask in public in Jakarta is punishable by an IDR250K (US$16.90) fine or 60 minutes of community service.

Currently, the coffin punishment is only being done in the capital city of Jakarta, but Budhy said that officials in Pasar Rebo will recommend for its enforcement city-wide should it deter the public from unmasking.

Jakarta’s newfound coffin obsession does not end there. Several municipalities and districts have erected mini coffin monuments, often featuring the area’s caseload and death rate data, to remind the public about how deadly COVID-19 can be.

Indonesia has recorded more than 180,000 coronavirus cases, and more than 7,600 coronavirus related deaths.