Violence Prevention Alliance beneficiary of this year’s prayer breakfast

(Photo: Instagram)

The beneficiary of this year’s staging of the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast (NLPB) will be the Violence Prevention Alliance’s (VPA) Child Resiliency Programme.

This was announced at the event’s media launch on Thursday (Jan 9). The prayer breakfast is set for Thursday, January 16 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. Custos of St James Guest speaker is Bishop Conrad Pitkin, Custos of St. James.

The VPA’s Child Resiliency Programme identifies and supports children facing educational and development challenges, especially those suffering from abuse, neglect and violent situations. The Alliance works with schools, churches, mental health services, community-based organisations and the police to create a network of protection for vulnerable young people.

It offers academic support, life skills training and mentoring, counselling, family support, and nutritional support. Sports and creative expression help to reinforce life skills and build resilience.

The over half a million dollars in proceeds from last year’s prayer breakfast was donated to the Peace Management Initiative’s (PMI) Safe Schools Monitors Programme.