Visits to Dunn’s River spike in time for summer

Dunn’s River falls (Photo: TravelJamaica)

It may be the heat or the natural allure of the Dunn’s River Falls and Park, but people have been flocking to the attraction in droves.

Dunn’s River, which is dubbed Jamaica’s most popular attraction, has seen a huge surge in attendance since the start of the 2019 summer season.

The kid-friendly ‘Splash Pad’ at the Dunn’s River Falls and Park (Photo: Urban Development Corporation [UDC])

Winding queues of people, locals and tourists alike, have been a mainstay at the attraction as vast numbers of patrons wait anxiously to gain access to the facility.

On any given day the lines are lengthy, but the situation escalates on weekends as well as holidays, with the park usually brimming at maximum capacity.

As one of Jamaica’s biggest tourist magnets, Dunn’s River Falls rises from the hills overlooking Ocho Rios and empties into the alluring Caribbean Sea.

Patrons looking to enjoy the sights and experiences of Dunn’s River Falls and Park should be pleased to note that some work is expected to be done to further improve the aesthetics of the iconic location.

These improvements will include new changing rooms, shops, a VIP entrance and rehabilitation of the craft market.