Wait, what? Man steals US$600 worth of cat’s blood from clinic

2020 still has a lot of headlines to offer but this may be the cat’s meow.

Suurveillance footage of the man caught stealing cat’s blood from the clinic.

So BUZZ Fam, a Florida police are now looking for a man who made off with US$600 worth of cat’s blood from a veterinary clinic.

Reports are that the man walked up to the door of the Anastasia Cat Clinic on September 17 and was seen inspecting a blood box before leaving.

Fast-forward to 20 minutes later and cameras caught a truck in the parking lot with a man wearing the same clothes from before walking up the clinic and taking the box which had four vials of cat blood.

The man then entered the vehicle and took off with the precious cargo.

The St Johns County Sheriff’s Office is searching for the culprit, and we hope they catch him, if only to find out what in the world he was doing with cat’s blood!