Walmart could join Microsoft in buying TikTok

Your favourite app be soon be owned by Microsoft and Walmart.

Walmart today said it could join Microsoft’s efforts to purchase TikTok.

Retail giant Walmart announced today, August 27, that it could join Microsoft in its bid to purchase TikTok, the increasingly popular app that has attracted hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

The Trump administration has said the Chinese owners of TikTok, ByteDance, should sell its US operations if it wishes to continue functioning in the North American country. The administration has threatened to ban TikTok which it says poses a security risk with the information of 100 million Americans is in danger of being compromised by China.

Microsoft has previously confirmed its interest in buying the popular app.

TikTok has repeatedly denied claims it provided user data to China, saying it is not a threat to US security.

Microsoft has not commented on Walmart’s statement but they two are already partners as the former provides cloud computing services for the retailer.