Washington farm fined following Jamaican’s death

A farm in Washington State has been fined over US$2 million dollars following the death of a 63-year-old Jamaican man due to the dreaded coronavirus.

Earl Edwards died on July 1 after contracting the virus. His death followed on that of another employee, a Mexican national, who had succumbed to the virus just a couple of weeks before.

Reports are that the authorities began their probe of Gebbers Farm after getting a tip that they were working in contravention of the rules leading to unsafe sleeping arrangements and unsafe worker transportation.

Seemingly these contributed to the deaths of both men. Further, the Mexican farm worker’s death was not reported as was required. It was also reported that migrant workers also shared living spaces with the deceased.

Following the investigations, it was deemed that Gebbers had breached 24 violations as it related to the coronavirus safety rules and was therefore hit with the fine.

Gebbers has since indicated it intends to appeal the decision indicating the company has been working within the boundaries of the rules.