Watch Butch Stewart tell Bloomberg TV the recipe of the Sandals success

A screen grab from Bloomberg TV’s feature of Sandals Chairman Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart.

Pleasing the customer. That’s the foundation on which Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart built his world-renowned ATL/Sandals brand.

“Service. Attitude. Smile. Make people feel comfortable. You treat them as honoured guests, and anything that they need that’s professional, you do it,” Stewart told Bloomberg TV.

The Bloomberg TV programme delves into the journeys of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. The episode featuring Stewart looked at the birth of the Sandals brand, what the family-owned empire looks like today, key players who helped turn Stewart’s vision into reality, and what Stewart has done with the company’s success to give back to communities in which he operates.

Stewart praised the workers who helped make the brand what it is today. “Jamaicans have big hearts. The personality, the attitude, the mentality,” he added.

See video for snippets of the feature below.