Watch: Jamaican pastor arrested in Antigua for breaching COVID-19 rules

A Jamaican pastor was arrested in Antigua and Barbuda on Sunday (March 29) for violating measures which limit social gatherings to twenty-five persons.

The incident, which was captured in an over five-minute-long video, and shared on social media platforms, show members of the Antigua Royal Police Force storming the Bolans based church.

In the video, uniformed cops can be seen attempting to take out an unknown man, as worshipers screamed out scriptures, while asking officers to provide a reason for the arrests.

“Touch not the Lord’s anointed one,” yelled one woman who was audible all throughout the incident.

In the video, another man wearing a police branded t-shirt is seen engaged in conversation with, Uriah Taylor, the leader of the church, who unlike the other man was not in handcuffs.

Taylor was allowed to peacefully gather his belongings which he placed into a pull-string bag  and carried with him in to a police van waiting outside the church’s gate.

Throughout the video, congregants are heard spewing insults and threats at the officers, noting that God would punish them for their actions.

Towards the end of the clip, one woman, who appears to be a congregant is heard saying, “calm down that no necessary right now, two wrongs don’t make a right,” as others yelled insults at the officers noting that they had no respect for God.

According to a source close to BUZZ, police were alerted to the gathering, which exceeded the limits put in place as a means of controlling the spread of the coronavirus, as a result of a noise complaint.

A source close to the matter revealed that the man who was handcuffed was charged with battery on police, obstruction and resisting arrest.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne last Friday declared a state of emergency and ordered a nightly curfew which took effect on March 28.

The island also banned social gatherings in excess of twenty -five persons.

The restrictions are expected to continue for another two weeks, with fines of up to $5,000 and six-months’ imprisonment for those caught in breach of the law.