WATCH OUT FOR A BOMB: Councillor arrested on corruption charges gives warning on Facebook

Councillor Brown-Lawrence (left).

Kim Brown-Lawrence — the councillor for the Brown’s Town division in St Ann who is charged alongside with former Education Minister Ruel Reid and others — is promising fireworks in the case.

“Just sit back and watch the process cause a BOMB AGO DROP,” she wrote on Facebook over the weekend.

Brown-Lawrence, President of the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) Fritz Pinnock, Ruel Reid, wife Sharen and their daughter Sharelle were arrested last week Wednesday (Oct 9) They have been offered bail. Brown Lawrence is charged with conspiracy to defraud and possession of criminal property.

However, Brown-Lawrence defended herself on Facebook, noting that it was a rumour that she accepted funds and fixed roads with money allegedly channelled from the CMU.

“It is a rumour that I am involved with the CMU or the Ministry of Education. When the truth comes out about April-November last year 2018, you are going to say ‘then a dat deh dem kick off the women door and frighten her kids dem fa 5 a.m. (sic)’,” Brown Lawrence wrote.

“Just know that politics is involve and they will do anything, so I have to be careful (sic),” Brown-Lawrence wrote.