Waterford gets hand-wash station as part of COVID-19 fight

Councillor for the Waterford Division Fenley Douglas is doing his part to ensure that the dreaded coronavirus disease (COVID-19) does not reach his division by installing a hand-wash station at the main transportation terminus in the community.

There are some 3700 homes in the division and they are tightly packed. There is a tangible fear of the coronavirus in the dense urban community. Douglas took the initiative to install a hand-wash station, complete with anti-bacterial soap, at the terminus with the warning that all persons must sanitize before entering a public passenger vehicle.

The private transportation operators have endorsed the move and have pledged to ensure the station is used by their passengers. Residents as well are happy about the hand-wash station.

Mayor Leon Thomas (left) and Councillor Fenley Douglas help to install the tank for the station.

“This added layer of protection will go a far way in keeping the community safe,” said one resident.

Douglas expressed fears that due to the layout of the division and the population density—some 20,000 residents occupying close to 4000 dwelling homes—if the virus should show up in the community it could cause devastation.

“As a community, we all have to play our part in the fight against the deadly coronavirus. I want to thank my private sector partner Torpedo Loans, who donated a 200-gallon water tank and the wash hand basin. I want to thank Portmore Mayor Leon Thomas who is ensuring that the tank be replenished each day,” he said.

Douglas is asking the residents of Waterford to continue the fight against the virus by staying at home and sanitizing often.

Meanwhile, Mayor Leon Thomas has committed to replicate the move across the municipality and asked that members of the community protect the hand-wash station.