West Indian cricketer Daren Sammy details his experience with racism playing cricket in India

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West Indian Cricketer, Daren Sammy

Famed West Indian Cricketer, Daren Sammy has revealed he used to be called “kalu” by some of his Sunrisers Hyderabad teammates in the IPL. The term “kalu” is a derogatory racist slur in India.

But when Sammy was playing for the Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2013 and 2014, and was being called “kalu”, he had no idea what it meant. In fact, he explained in a video on his Instagram that he had gotten to the point where he accepted it as his name.

“I must admit, at the time in which I was being called that, I actually did not know what it means, I thought it meant “strong stallion” or whatever it is and I saw no problems with it because I was ignorant.

But every time I was called it, there was always laughter in the moment so, me being a team man I thought, ‘hey teammates are happy, it must be something funny,” he said.

Sammy said he only just recently learnt of the true meaning of the term while watching a show on Netflix released shortly after the killing of George Floyd , and heard comedian Hasan Minhaj describe the term “kalu,”

“I instantly got very angry about it, knowing now what that word meant,” he said.

Adding that he will be reaching out to the people who used the term when referring to him.