Westmoreland woman in viral video declines to press charges against boyfriend

A Westmoreland woman, who was seen being beaten in a video, which has been making the rounds on social media, has declined to press charges against her partner.

Reports are that upon seeing the video, police paid a visit to the couple who hail from Farm Pen district in the parish.

The couple was transported to the police station, but the woman refused to press charges against the man, who she described as her common-law partner of 2-years.

The woman has since come out in a second video to profess her love for the man.

“I really love him for true,” said the woman as she hugged her partner.

The man also used the video to share that he believes that someone posted the original video online to tarnish his reputation.

Late last week, a video appeared online which showed a man punching a woman repeatedly near her stomach, during what appears to have been a heated altercation.

 The couple are said to be receiving counselling from a community-based organization.