What could PM Holness buy with his J$161M?

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (Photo: Don Waysome)

Just a week ago, Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his family released their combined statutory declarations, showing that collectively, they had an income of J$15,569,477.41, assets totalling J$161,254,055.89 and total liabilities of J$22,218,182.61.

Now, while Holness isn’t Jamaica’s richest man by any long stretch, he is still easily capable of purchasing many products that would be outside the affordability reach of the ‘average Joe/Jane’.

As your source for everything trendy in Jamaica, BUZZ presents 10 things Prime Minister Andrew Holness could possibly buy with his JMD$161 million in assets, if he wanted to:

Leon Bailey’s ‘supped-up’, customised Mercedes-Benz Brabus coupe

Photo: Don Waysome

Price: $120 million (est.)

Sports cars Holness could buy: 1

Full-flight tuition at the University of the West Indies

Happy faces from the UWI’s 2014 batch of graduates (Photo: mona.uwi.edu)

Average cost: $1.07 million (for a course in Political Leadership)

Amount Holness could cover the tuition for: 150 budding politicians

KFC’s Big Deal combo

Photo: KFC Jamaica

Price for combo: $795

Amount Holness could buy: 202,515 meals

Desert Clarks

Photo: Instagram @AndrewHolnessJM

Average cost: $17,500

Holness could splurge and get: 9,200 pairs

Studio home through the National Housing Trust (NHT)

Photo: National Housing Trust

Average cost for a house: $3.2 million

Holness could possibly ‘buy’: 50 homes

Luxury apartments at 20 South

Photo: YouTube

Average cost: $46 million (for a 2-bedroom condo)

Condos Holness could buy: 3.5

Business suits

Photo: Twitter @AndrewHolnessJM

Average cost for full suit: $30,000

Holness could realistically afford: 5,366

Samsung Note 10+

Photo: Samsung Caribbean

Average cost: $240,000

Possible number of handsets: 670

Boys’ uniforms (Khaki)

Photo: Emma Lewis

Average cost: $2,880 (full suit)

Quantity Holness could purchase: 55,902

Reggae Sumfest’s ‘Ultra-Luxe’ 2019 tickets

(Photo: Caribbean360)

Average cost: $77,000

Holness could afford: 2,090 tickets

Tell us, what other items could Prime Minister Holness realistically afford?

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