What distancing? American Airlines to book full flights

As borders begin to slowly reopen and travel resumes for many, the safety of airplanes remains one of the biggest concerns for people.

American Airlines will restart booking full flights as of July 1.

Those concerns will worsen with today’s news that American Airlines will resume booking full flights as of July 1.

Previously, the airline had blocked out half its middle seats in economy to encourage physical distancing amid COVID-19 but no more.

The airline said it will notify customers of this and allow them to change flights to more open ones when available without charge. It also said if there is space once boarding of each flight is complete, then it will allow passengers to move to another seat within their ticketed cabin.

While many may raise eyebrows at the move, other airlines including United and Spirit have been booking flights at full capacity.

For those of you who already have the heebie-jeebies about travelling on a crammed flight, consider going with Southwest, Delta and JetBlue which still block their middle seats or restrict the number of seats sold per flights. Here’s to hoping those last!