What is going on? Anti-mask protesters gather in Half-Way-Tree, Jamaica

A handful of protesters gathered in Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew on Wednesday afternoon to protest the government’s mandatory face mask policy.

The Jamaican government has made the wearing of masks in public spaces compulsory in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The country currently has 1,686 active coronavirus cases, 24 people have died from the virus, and 898 have recovered.

The protesters had placards that read: “A strong immune system= no vaccine”; “I can’t breathe, no masks”; and “no vaccine needed”, shouted, “no masks, no vaccine!” as passersby looked on.

A child was among the protesters.

On Monday, the Jamaica Constabulary Force arrested 10 people in Half-Way-Tree for not wearing masks.

As a video of the protest began circulating on social media, Jamaicans expressed their shock and outrage.

“I did not know we have Jamaicans that think like this. Jah Jah,” one person commented.

“That they have a kid out there without mask only enforces any perception that they are dolts. Someone should move to protect that little girl!!,” another said.

“Bwoy, this is very upsetting,” someone added.