What virus? 1.3 million people hit US airports amid outbreak

Just under 1.3 million people were processed at airports in the United States yesterday, despite the nation undergoing another surge in its coronavirus cases.

Travellers wait for their luggage in a terminal at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Wednesday, December. 23, 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic.
(Photo: Yffy Yossifor/Star-Telegram via AP)

Even with warnings that travel could make the virus spread worse, more travel was at its highest in more than nine months since the virus was first reported in the nation.

Roughly 1,284,599 went through US airports on Sunday, according to the Transportation Security Administration. It was the most people the agency had screened since March 15. Additionally, it said over 10 million people have travelled by air since December. 18, including six days with at least 1 million people getting screened.

The US has reported more than 100,000 new infections daily for the past 26 days, with more than 330,000 Americans reported dead due to the virus.