What would you do with a $218 million salary?

It’s pays to be a banker, literally.

The top five executives at Sagicor Financial Corporation received US$24.3 million in compensation last year.

For those of us who have problems doing the conversion, that’s J$3.4 billion over the course of A. Single. Year!

Double digit revenue, profit growth for Sagicor Group Jamaica | CBR
Sagicor’s top five executives received US$24.3 million in compensation last year.

The bulk of that went to the Group President and Chief Executive Officer, Dodridge Miller, who received US$14.97 million in compensation from the financial institution.

Chris Zacca, the president of Sagicor Group Jamaica, was the fourth-best compensated person on the list with a mere US$1,554,695 million, or J$217.5 million. I mean, that’s an ‘okay’ amount, if you’re into making money and that kinda thing.

An idea for Christopher Zacca and the PSOJ
President of Sagicor Group Jamaica, Chris Zacca

His basic compensation, which includes housing and motor vehicle benefits, is US$542,450, according to the Group’s management information circular which was made available to investors on May 1.  

His compensation would have been further boosted by share-based awards, which reflects the value of the Group’s shares as at December 27, 2019, option-based awards, and annual incentives.

For those of you currently re-evaluating life and wondering where we went wrong, we absolutely cannot help. Not only are we on the same train, we didn’t even book the good seats.