What you need to know about fireworks at the Waterfront for New Year’s Eve

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What’s New Year’s Eve without fireworks to ring the New Year? And since we’re welcoming a new decade in a few hours, then we can expect the fireworks to be massive.

For 20 years, The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) has been spraying the skies at the Waterfront, along the Ocean Boulevard in Downtown Kingston, with dazzling fireworks.

And we expect tonight to be no different. If you’re planning on going BUZZ Fam, I’ve put together a list of things you should know about the biggest New Year’s Party in Kingston.

First Staged in 1999

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The first fireworks at the Waterfront event was held 20 years ago, in 1999. Now, it has expanded to Ocho Rios. The St Ann Development Company (SADCO), a subsidiary of UDC, will host Fireworks on the Bay at the Ocho Rios Bay Beach for the third consecutive year.

Jamaica’s biggest New Year’s Eve Party 

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Fireworks on the Waterfront is Jamaica’s biggest New Year’s Eve party and is a staple event in the hearts of Jamaicans. Over the years it has been the event of choice for more than 300,000 Jamaicans.

Its a family event

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Bring your mom, and your little sister, because this event is for everyone. It will showcase Jamaica’s best by way of live entertainment, food, craft and a kiddies’ village.


We know you love the ‘freeness’, and guess what? This event is free to the public. But if you want a front row seat, then tickets are available for sale. These cost $8,000 for adults, $14,000 for couples, and $3,000 for children.

These tickets can be purchased at the UDC Head Office, Fontana Pharmacy (Barbican), or on entry at the venue.

Traffic changes

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If you’re wavering whether or not you should go because of the traffic that you will encounter, then I’ve got good news.

The police has already been making traffic changes.

A statement from the Jamaica Constabulary Force Communication Unit outlined the changes that will take place: As of 2pm on Monday, December 30, no left turns will be allowed onto Ocean Boulevard. Persons entering the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) delivery chute and parking lot will, however, have access to:

•         Nethersole Place and Ocean Boulevard

•         Church Street and Ocean Boulevard

And at 4pm on Tuesday, December 31, the following intersections, including Port Royal Street, will be closed:

•         Church Street

•         King Street

•         Orange Street

•         Princess Street

•         West Street

•         Pechon Street

•         Ocean Boulevard

Two-Way traffic will, however, be permitted as follows, to facilitate entrance and exiting to and from parking areas only, from the:

•         The intersection of Church Street and Port Royal Street to JCC multi-storey car park.

•         The intersection of Orange Street and Port Royal Street to Orange Street multi-storey car park

•         The intersection of Princess Street and Port Royal Street to Digicel car park

•         The intersection of West Street and Port Royal Street to West Street car park

The UDC will be providing transportation to and from the venue. The parking and shuttle locations are Heroes Circle, to be transported to the Bank of Nova Scotia and Garmex Industrial Complex (Industrial Terrace) to Pechon Street.

Not allowed on the venue

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No large back packs will be allowed

Bring a joyous spirit, but leave the following things at home.

•         No large backpacks will be allowed within the area (venue).

•         All persons exiting and entering the venue will be subject to detailed search.

•         Some areas will have strict access control, and as such, no firearms will be allowed into the venue.

Have fun BUZZ Fam, and Happy New Year!