WhatsApp to turn off messages of users who don’t accept new terms

You may want to mark May 15 on your calendar if you’re one of the two billion people using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp received great backlash when the move was first announced as some users feared it meant more information would be shared with parent company, Facebook.

The messaging app has shared that users who do not accept its updated terms and conditions by the date will have their accounts listed as “inactive”. This means users will be unable to send or receive messages on the platform until they accept the conditions.

The update was announced in January and saw millions of people flee the app for its competitors as users thought it meant more of their data would be shared with WhatsApp owner, Facebook.

However, WhatsApp clarified the change was to facilitate payments being made to businesses.

Despite the delayed rollout, the company has signaled that it was just that, a delay, and will be implementing the terms come May 15.