Who gon’ check me? J’can fined 100K for illegal party

A man in St Mary, Jamaica was fined over J$100,000 for disobeying a warning to end an illegal party when he appeared in the parish court on Tuesday (February 16).

Maurice Lawrence of Gibbs Hill was fined for breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA).

Police report that about 7:00 pm on January 2, a team of officers on patrol warned Lawrence after observing an illegal party being held, with approximately twenty people in attendance.

The officers later returned at about 11:25 pm to find the session in full swing with over one hundred patrons in attendance.

The sound system equipment was seized and Lawrence subsequently arrested and fined $100,000 for breaching the DRMA and $10 ,000 for breaching the Noise Abatement act.