Who would be the best person to lead the PNP? Don Anderson poll says Peter Bunting

In the forthcoming battle for the leadership of the PNP, the RISE United campaign is taking heart from a recent Don Anderson poll that puts Peter Bunting way ahead when the question is posed, “Who would be the best leader of the PNP?”

The poll conducted by Don Anderson between July 20 and August 2, had a sample size of 750 and a margin of error plus or minus 3.5%.

It showed Peter Bunting with an 18% point advantage over Dr Peter Phillips in response to the question, “In your opinion which of these two persons, Dr Peter Phillips or Peter Bunting do you feel would be best suited to lead the PNP at this time?” (Bunting-39%, Phillips-21%, Not Sure-25%, None-16%)

Commenting on this discovery from the poll, the RISE United campaign said: “The findings of the poll support our objective to elect the best leader for the PNP at this time, and also to elect the leader best suited to win on a national scale.

The challenger: Peter Bunting addresses the crowd at the Don Anderson poll findings meeting held at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston

“A notable 36% believe that Peter Bunting would stand a better chance of winning against Andrew Holness in a national election versus only 16% who felt Dr. Phillips had a better chance.”

The RISE United Campaign manager Dr Dayton Campbell , explaining why Peter Bunting was challenging Dr. Peter Phillips’s leadership of the PNP said: “ RISE United became necessary when many in the PNP realised that business as usual would lead us to “ opposition as usual”.

Peter Bunting (fourth from right) with some of his RISE United team

“The wider Jamaica was also frustrated with the state of the PNP as highlighted by the significant performance gap between the two parties in recent polls and elections.”