Who’d make a better PNP leader? University students sound off

Peter Bunting (foreground) is challenging Dr Peter Phillips for leadership of the PNP.

The question on everybody’s lips is which of the Peters — Dr. Phillips or Bunting — will win the People’s National Party (PNP) presidential election on Saturday (Sept 7).

Interest in the pending poll is no less heightened in colleges across the island, where there are intense debates as to which of the Peters would make a better president of the PNP.

BUZZ spoke with a number of students on the issue, the majority of whom said they could better relate to Bunting. They believe that he would make a better PNP leader.

‘I think Bunting is a fresh face that is poised to bring change to the party.’

— Ackime Saunders
Ackime Saunders believes that Peter Bunting is the fresh face that will bring change to the PNP.

Twenty-one-year-old Ackime Saunders, the Western Jamaica Campus Chairperson, at the University of the West Indies, said: “I think Bunting is a fresh face that is poised to bring change to the party, and he appeals more to the youth. Phillips is very experienced, and that will mean a lot, but he has not been championing the party and giving it a proper chance of winning the generals.”

The 3rd year banking and finance student argued that Phillips lacks visibility and presence as a leader. “I do not believe that the party should have at its helm one who rears his/her head when the governing party messes up – their presence must be felt at all times,” he shared.

Ramon Gordon, a 20-year-old final year Journalism major at the Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville, expressed similar sentiments. He said that voter apathy still exists among the youth population and having fresh younger faces make a difference.

Journalism student Ramon Gordon.

“We have a fresher face leading the JLP now and Andrew Holness is one of the younger leaders we’ve had…, while the PNP remains stagnant for the most part,” Gordon expressed.

‘I am confident that he will [retain the presidency].’

— Shanique Brooks

International Relations major at the UWI, Shanique Brooks, is a supporter of Dr Phillips. The 3rd year student believes that Dr Phillips’ wealth of experience is of benefit.

“He has been involved in politics for decades. He’s a multi-layered man who has piloted several capacities. People are using age as a factor with his opponent, but truly being older should suggest greater wisdom and knowledge. I am confident that he will [retain the presidency],” Brooks said.

Article written by Andre Cooper