Who’s laughing? George Lopez in hot water over Trump assassination tweet

George Lopez is known by many as a wisecracking comedian that’s not about holding punches when it comes to the funny.

However, it seems like his latest attempt at drawing laughter has not gone down well with some people, while others are asking what’s the hullabaloo about.

This stems from a response to a Twitter comment made by a parody account Chicano World Star about an apparent US$80 million bounty on the head of President Donald Trump, following the death of a top Iranian official recently to which George replied, “We’ll do it for half.”

Point to note, however, is that there is no real bounty on the head of the president. The mention of $80 million was derived from persons delivering the eulogy who posited that if every Iranian put forward one US dollar, then they could reward anyone who brings them the head of the 45th US President.

Notwithstanding, the comment made by Lopez has drawn the ire of a number of persons who are now calling on the Secret Service to investigate the comments with the potential of arresting the comedian on a count of being a domestic terrorist.

However, a number of persons are asking why is the joke being taken so seriously. Kathy Griffin, who came under fire for a similar situation, called it a hilarious. Others pointed out that if persons can see a threat to the life of former President Obama as a joke, why not this.

Well, it’s uncertain as to whether the Secret Service will act in this regard neither is it certain that Lopez can be charged for an offence in the matter.

Under Statute 871, persons can be charged and convicted of a threat to willfully harm the president and other high ranking officials, but it’s a case of whether a joke should be considered a threat.

What do you think BUZZ fam?