Wilson’s List CEO one step closer to creating ‘Jamaica’s Amazon’

Wilson’s List founder and CEO, Bancroft Wilson

Wilson’s List founder and CEO, Bancroft Wilson is working towards establishing his e-commerce website as ‘Jamaica’s Amazon’.

Wilson’s List recently added virtual gift cards, and gift registries to the online platform. This allows users to create their own list of gift items to send to friends and family for several occasions. 

This move is yet another milestone towards creating an e-commerce platform similar to Amazon, the e-commerce giant, founded by billionaire, Jeff Bezos.

And although Bezos recently stepped down from his post, Wilson has no such plans. He says Wilson’s List is laser-focused on contributing to the Jamaican economy.

But the journey towards achieving this is not without its share of lessons.

“These past two years, I’ve learned that things are never as easy as they seem, and in most cases, you won’t be able to do it alone. There is strength in partnering with others,” he told BUZZ. 

Wilson explained that he created the e-commerce website as a way of using technology to fuel the economic growth of Jamaica.

“My main focus, to begin with, wasn’t technology; it was economically focused for Jamaica. But being in the information technology field for many years, the first thing I could think of is to use technology to fix the problem I was seeing,” he said.

“Having two US-based technology businesses that are partially operating from Jamaica and my mom owning a skating ring in Old Harbour, it is extremely frustrating having to shop overseas for products that are already here in our country, because we are unable to locate them.”

Wilson’s vision is to create a company that mutually benefits local vendors and buyers for the purpose of domestic growth and development.

Building awareness

He outlined that Wilson’s List is therefore a solution that mutually benefits local vendors and buyers with a focus on domestic growth and development. 

According to Wilson, customer service is one of the key pieces to getting the company to its destination. 

“At Wilson’s List, there are two sides to customer service, the Buyers and Sellers. Our approach to personalized customer service is to create a positive, helpful, friendly, and most of all approachable environment to build good relationships to ensure we leave a great impression for both sellers and buyers,” he said. 

Wilson says the company is still in the process of “working on awareness” and “building our user base” in Jamaica. 

“Our ultimate goal is to expand to other Caribbean countries but currently our focus is Jamaica. We are taking things one step at a time with a consistent thought to keep moving,” he said.