Woman charged for presenting fake COVID test at Grenada airport

A Grenadian national was charged after she presented a fake COVID-19 test result to immigration officials upon arrival from the United States.

(Photo by NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP via Getty Images)

Gillian Fletcher, 33, was charged with deceit of a public officer and showing a forged document.

Reports are that Fletcher, who arrived at the Maurice Bishop International Airport, presented the test result which raised suspicion among the inspecting officer.

A doctor who reviews results presented by travellers, similarly observed some “medical inconsistencies”.

Grenadian health officials contacted the lab in New York in which Fletcher claimed to have visited to conduct the test.

However, the lab was unable to confirm her test results, as she was not logged as having had a test there.

Fletcher, who is set to appear in court in May, is currently out on EC$10 000 (US$3,700) bail.

Under Grenadian law, anyone arriving at a port is mandated to show a negative PCR test to obtain an entry certificate into the island.