Woman denies helping Robert Fowler after TV interview

20-year-old Khanice Jackson

Woman identified as Robert Fowler’s girlfriend denies relationship and involvement in Khanice Jackson’s murder

The woman who was identified in a television interview as the girlfriend of 50-year-old mechanic Robert Fowler is denying any involvement in the disappearance and murder of 20-year-old Khanice Jackson. Robert Fowler confessed to the police that he killed 20-year-old Jackson, several days after he allegedly confessed to the woman.

The woman was compelled to defend herself in videos posted online after social media users accused her of protecting and helping Fowler, following her CVM TV interview.

But the woman argued that only select parts of her interview were aired – parts that made it seem as if she was defending his character, or complicit in covering up the heinous act. 

According to the woman, she was on her way home when Fowler called her and shared what happened.

50-year-old mechanic, Robert Fowler of Portmore who confessed to the murder of 20-year-old Khanice Jackson

“About five to six of us were in the vehicle the day when him said it, but true we under we alcohol cause we a come from river and him just call and be like mi nah go see him no more. I was like, ‘Weh yuh mean?’ – him a guh go a prison. Mi seh, ‘Weh yaa guh go a prison fah?’. Him start go dung inna it. Mi not even waan go dung into the nature of the whole conversation but right then and there mi realise seh something wrong and mi never just siddung wid it so,” the woman explained.

She said she went to his house one morning while he was at work to verify what he had said.

“The only thing that me blame myself for is the day that I went by the house mi shoulda go in there. Mi shouldn’t just stop one place and a think and a recollect and a wonder if mi fi go. I should have went but due to how mi never really a tek it fi nothing…” she said.

The woman justified her inclination to take his comments lightly by divulging that during the five years in which they were acquainted, Fowler would often make eerie remarks like wanting to kill himself, which she perceived as comical.

“Him very dramatic,” she said. “Sometimes him will seh some things to me and more while mi laugh it off… Mi never really a think bout dat fi seh this person woulda really commit such an act…”

Nonetheless, her uneasiness led her to conduct an online search of missing women, where she stumbled upon Jackson’s missing poster on Facebook. She connected the dots based on what Fowler had allegedly told her, and reading that the young woman was from Independence City, St Catherine.

She then called the number on the poster and spoke to a male and Jackson’s mom, who then advised her to contact the police. Fowler was subsequently arrested and charged.

“I am a woman and the same way him do that to that little girl, a di same way him coulda do it to me too and every day mi talk seh him is a dirty man and mi nah go tek it back…” she said. “If mi did a protect this man mi woulda a support him dah day deh fi run weh or go country… But no, mi nuh do nutten like that. Mi come forth and try fi get the authority to get pon it as how dem should.”

She also denied ever being Fowler’s girlfriend, stating that she had been in a relationship before meeting Fowler, and still is in one. She added, however, that Fowler liked her and gave her money, but that they were never intimate.