Woman freezes to death in a cemetery

Jacqueline Parsons froze to death in a cemetery (Photo: Dailymail.uk)

Fifty-six-year-old Jacqueline Parsons froze to death in a cemetery, after she fell off her bike and injured her leg. Parsons spent all 17 hours in freezing temperatures before meeting her tragic demise.

Her body was discovered by a dog walker. A pathologist released a report into her two years after the tragedy and found that she could have been alive today if she was found sooner.

The report also revealed she had just over the legal drink driving limit of 80mg per 100ml in her system.

During the inquest being heard into her death, her fiance, Malcolm Cuthbert, related how Parsons had gone out cycling on her bike on the Saturday at around 9 am for a ‘keep fit’ bike ride. He said he became concerned after she had not come home later in the afternoon.

“I tidied the home, ironed, and wondered where she was. And became angry that she was not home as we normally did things on an afternoon together,” he said.

Cuthbert said he assumed she had gone out drinking, and did not raise an alarm. When it started to get late, he went for a drive to look for her, but did not find her. He saw the news of her death the next day on TV. Cuthbert believes the police are to be blamed for not finding her sooner.

“It was the coldest day of the year when she went missing and the police search was at twilight, when they would have still been able to see her,” he said. “Had a full search taken place by police, then she would have been found.”

“My conclusion after two years of visiting the scene, knowing Jacquie and doing my own research leads very clearly to the fact that Jacquie was let down, as had she been found soon enough, she would still be here today.”

The couple lived near Spring Bank West, in the United Kingdom.