Woman returns to life after spending night in the morgue

Zinaida Kononova was pronounced dead after surgery (Photo: Dailymail)

BUZZ fam, have you ever had one of those wild scenarios pop up in your mind where doctors pronounce you dead even though you’re still alive?

Well, this wasn’t just 81-year-old Russian native Zinaida Kononova’s imagination, it actually happened to her!

Kononova was pronounced dead after surgery to remove an intestinal obstruction at the Gorshechensky Central District Hospital on August 14.

She was taken to the morgue at 1:10 a.m., but almost seven hours later  a female worker “got the shock of her life” when she found the elderly woman sprawled across the floor. 

Turns out Kononova had fallen as she attempted to climb off the morgue table and escape.   

Kononova was covered in blankets and rushed to intensive care. 

The hospital called the grandmother’s niece Tatiana Kulikova and a senior doctor told her: ‘We have an unusual situation. She is alive!’

Kulikova rushed to the hospital as a team of medics from regional capital Kursk were sent to treat Kononova.

A doctor and anaesthetist later confessed they had sent Kononova to the morgue one hour and 20 minutes after she died, instead of two hours as rules dictate.

The ‘resurrected’ pensioner has been transferred to Kursk for further treatment. The family is reportedly suing the hospital.