Woman set on fire by her boyfriend heads to US for treatment

Nicola Clarke, the Jamaican woman who was allegedly set on fire by her boyfriend last Wednesday will be heading to the US to get treatment for her injuries.

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According to local media, the rip was made possible by the non-profit organisation Sanmerna Foundation Limited.

“We have just gotten the acceptance letter for the hospital to receive her, and she will be flying from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay by Trinity Air Ambulance,” the projects manager at Sanmerna Foundation, Stephen Josephs said. “She will be received at the facility JMS Burn Unit at Doctor’s Hospital in Augusta, Georgia, in the United States.

“So far, we have gotten some figures and the foundation is working on how to mitigate some of those cost,” added Josephs.

Clarke is currently admitted at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, but Jamaica does not have adequate burn unit to treat her.

Reports are that Clarke and her boyfriend had an argument at her shop in Hanover. The boyfriend reportedly left the location and returned with gasoline which he doused on Clarke and the one-room structure.