Workers at Jamaican tax office withdrew services over malfunctioning AC system

(Photo: Danco Comfort Services )

The normal operations at the Revenue Service Centre (Tax Office) in Montego Bay, St James were impacted on Tuesday (June 30) after workers temporarily withdrew their services.

This led to limited services being offered at the facility throughout the course of the day which impacted a number of customers who had turned up at the center.

The workers were protesting what they deem as poor working conditions stemming from a malfunctioning air conditioning system. The workers say the system has been malfunctioning for a while.

Workers say the situation has become quite unbearable especially because of the heat brought on by the summer season.

Tax Administration Jamaica has indicated that they are now working to resolve the issue. They note that they had put in chillers and split units as temporary fixes.

The administration is hoping to have the matter rectified as soon as possible.

This is the second challenge that has come the way of Tax Administration in recent times. Earlier in June the centre in Constant Spring was damaged by fire which also led to limited services being offered at that location.