Yohan Blake upset at lack of preparations for Tokyo Olympics

Yohan Blake

With the Olympic Games only six months away, Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake is concerned at the lack of preparation in place for Jamaican athletes.

“We have a big problem in Jamaica because there are other meets going on around the world and we don’t have any meets here to prepare, and we need to get prepared and prepare soon,” Blake told journalists during the opening of his YB Rehab and Wellness Centre yesterday.

“Even before we get to (national) trials, Champs is going to be in May and the athletes are not running. How are they going to perform to the magnitude of how they would like to perform come May?” he questioned.

Blake is beseeching the relevant Government and other relevant stakeholders to do something about it.

“I believe they can sanction some games or something for it to go along, so I am very upset, but I guess we have to work with the guidelines. But Ian Forbes and all those guys must say to the Government, ‘We have everything in place, let us run some meets’, and we do need the meets because we are struggling in Jamaica.

“Meets are going on in the United States, cricket is going on and spectators are there; we don’t have to have any spectators, just help the athletes.”

He shared that the 2021 Olympics will be his last, and so preparation is crucial. This is why he intends to travel overseas to compete before the big showdown.

“That is definitely on the agenda because if there is no alternative here in Jamaica we have to look elsewhere, and there are wonderful competitions going on overseas.”