Yohan Blake’s emergency surgery a success

Yohan Blake shared this photo of himself and his girlfriend in the hospital

Jamaican sprinter, Yohan Blake has had successful surgery to remove his appendix. The world’s second-fastest man was hospitalised on August 16 after reportedly complaining of severe stomach pain. Scans revealed that Blake’s appendix was on the verge of being ruptured and that there was a build-up of fluid in it.

Doctors acted quickly and admitted Blake for surgery. On Friday, a grateful Blake took to social media to share news of his surgery’s success.

“I give God thanks for being here today and for saving me each and everyday!” he said.

The 31-year-old also expressed special gratitude to his girlfriend for never leaving his side.

“I just want to thank Laura for being my rock, I LOVE her dearly. She has been there by my side. She hasn’t left me once even when the doctor said to go home, she was by my side,” he said.

Adding; “Also to everyone who wishes me well I just want to say thanks. Life can come at you unexpectedly so thank you Lord, thank you God!”

Blake completed his Tokyo Olympics without a medal, much to the disappointment of himself, and his fans. And he used his post to allude to a possible reason.

“A lot of people see you, they would say anything but they don’t know what you’re going through,” he said.